Adaptable dispensary automation

Deciding exactly how to harness the benefits of pharmacy automation can be a daunting task. Do you start with Compliance Aid Automation and focus on a specific type of dispensing? Do you consider centralising your automation with hub and spoke if you have more than one pharmacy? Or do you focus on realising the benefits within your core dispensing processes with dispensary automation and invest in a solution that adapts to your way of working? Then there are the decisions about which specific machine is right for you and how best to introduce automation into your workflows.

As experts in pharmacy automation, Robotik Technology UK have unparalleled experience in supporting you to choose the solution that is right for your business. Get in touch if you’d like to talk and we’ll be happy to provide.


What is adaptable dispensary automation?

Automating aspects of your core dispensing processes, that is walk-ins, call backs and deliveries is adaptable dispensary automation. The machines are capable of handling original packs for the vast majority of your stockholding. The machines that we supply as part of your automation solution have some significant advantages over other machines.

Full dispensing automation

Blended chaos and channel systems

Rapid fast moving dispensing

Managed slow moving dispensing

Half the dispensing time of other machines

A wide range of PMR integrations

Some machines available on the market work based on a chaos system which allows the storage of medicines according to the machines choice of available space. Other machines work based on a channel system which allows storage of medicines according to a pre-defined slot for each medicine. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. Our machines blend the two systems seamlessly and realise the benefits of both systems.

Adaptable solutions

One of the main concerns raised by customers is considering pharmacy automation is a lack of space. They worry that there won’t be room for a machine in their pharmacy. This is a valid concern but one that we can often address without suggesting an extension. Our machines come in a range of sizes that enable us to work with you and find the right solution for your business.

We can also help you decide on which types of prescription you want your machine to handle and help our clients develop new workflows and procedures to ensure the smooth integration of automation into existing workflows.

That’s what we mean by adaptable. The solution adapts to the available space, your existing workflows and how you would like to use your new machine.

How will they help?

Whether you use an adaptable dispensary automation solution for a single pharmacy or centralise the workload of a group of pharmacies increasing profitability still further there are a wide range of benefits:

Increased speed
Increased safety
Increased accuracy
Increased efficiency
Increased profitability

An increase in speed, accuracy and efficiency means that you and your team will have more time to invest in developing other, more profitable services within your business. As well as increasing profitability in core dispensing, automation will release the potential to grow the business in other ways too.


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With over 1,000 successful European installations, unique products features, a completely UK based team and extensive experience of working with customers to successfully implement automation Robotik Technology UK are the right partner for your organisation.

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