Hub and spoke dispensing

Hub and spoke dispensing has been around for a number of years now and while the large multiples have quietly been establishing their networks, many medium sized pharmacy companies have not investigated the potential benefits they may be missing out on. With little relief in sight from the continued pressure on pharmacy remuneration it is time that every pharmacy company with more than one pharmacy takes time to explore the value that hub and spoke could add to their business.

Rather than a nice to have hub and spoke dispensing may become an essential part of the survival strategy for many small to medium sized pharmacy groups. Robotik Technology UK are the experts in pharmacy automation and with more UK installations than any of our competitors our extensive expertise gives us a unique insight into the benefits of hub and spoke dispensing.

If you are already convinced get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how our bespoke planning and support services can help you deliver your hub and spoke project smoothly. If you are not sure here is a brief summary and the top five benefits of adopting hub and spoke dispensing.

What Is Hub and Spoke?

Hub and spoke dispensing involves dispensing automation in a central ‘hub’ pharmacy which then supplies it’s ‘spoke’ pharmacies with assembled, checked and packed medicines that are ready for supply to the customer. Hub and Spoke dispensing is sometimes called ‘Satellite Dispensing’, ‘Customer Hub and Spoke’ or ‘Compliance Hub and Spoke’.

At present all pharmacies in the network must belong to the same legal entity however there is the potential for an ‘Outsourced Hub’ model where the ‘hub’ belongs to a different legal entity if and when the law changes. These types of models are employed extensively across Europe while the UK is being slower to adopt the benefits they provide.


The Top 5 benefits


1 – Reducing Costs

Early adopters of Hub and Spoke report cost reductions from stock holding and reductions in waste through improved accuracy.


2 – Increased Efficiency

An organised retail space at the Spoke with an optimised, automated process at the Hub greatly improves efficiency at both sites.


3 – Increased Clinical Service Income

Increases in efficiency liberate staff time which facilitates focus on and delivery of high margin clinical service income..


4 – Reduction in Picking/Dispensing Errors

An organised workplace with reduced distraction and a balanced workload will reduce risk of dispensing errors and incidents.


5 – A Review of Your Business

How many Pharmacy Owner/Managers take time out to critically review business performance? By investigating Hub and Spoke even if you decide not to adopt we believe you will unearth business benefits.


Overcoming the challenges

While there are clear benefits to Hub and Spoke dispensing there are challenges to overcome when on the journey to automation. Robotik Technology UK work with our clients and develop bespoke project plans to ensure the smooth introduction of automation across their pharmacy estate. Our experience and dedicated UK team are obsessed with supporting our clients in realising their business goals through automation.


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