After 30th November you will not easily be able to get hold of Biodose consumables from Protomed. For those Pharmacies that set out on a Biodose strategy then this is time for a major re-think. There are alternatives and its possible to continue with a pod based MDS solution but is this the right direction for you?

An alternative solution would be to switch to our PouchPack solution which provides many of the advantages of Biodose and avoids lots of disadvantages.

To help we are publishing a comparison chart we produced three years ago.

BiodoseSystemPouchPack System
Comparison ImageA Biodose PodA PouchPack Pouch
Capacity9 different tablets8 different tablets but up to 30 total tablets
PrintedYes but basic informationYes with each medication printed
Patient IdentificationName Printed on each pod and a picture on the edge of the trayName printed onto each pouch and a potential for a picture onto each pouch box
Range of solid medicationAll
Most with some size restrictions
LiquidsYesNo but reminder option
SealedHeat SealedHeat Sealed
Production time single tray / 28 pouches (assembly and seal only)About 15 - 20 minutes all manualAbout 1-2 minutes mostly automatic
Residential Home / Care AgencyYesYes
Consumable Cost (for single pod / pouch)About 3p eachAbout 1p each
Method of ProductionOnly ManualOnly Automated
Method of CheckingManualManual or Automated
Production Cost (for single pod / pouch)

Based on 3,000 customers over 3 years
About 10pAbout 2.5p
EMAR OptionYes - high costYes - low cost


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