Pouch Inspector

What is Pouch Inspector?

Pouch Inspector is a fast and accurate pouch-packaging verification system.

Developed for optimizing the process and providing reliable inspection and the highest quality assurance.

Pouch Inspector is;

Extremely Fast – up to 5 pouches per second

Highly Sensitive

Impressively Accurate

Intelligent Self Learning System

Intuitive and User Friendly

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Why use Pouch Inspector?

Pouch Inspector is designed to simplify and speed up the checking of pouches. The system is built to reduce manual effort by the Pharmacy team and in our experience it reduces checking time by more than 80%.

If you have a large environment with multiple pouch systems then Pouch Inspector can manage up to three machines at once. This is because our system runs up to FIVE pouches per second which is THREE times faster than any other system on the market.

Pouch Inspector Software

PI Web software system supports the Pouch Inspector. The PI Web software is accessible in every part of the pharmacy allowing pouches to be checked away from the ebb and flow of the Pharmacy.

The PI Web software assesses every pouch and judges whether it is correct checking count, colour and size of the drugs. Only those pouches that generate an alert are presented to the user as a large full colour picture for the operator to make a decision.

The PI Web software also collects information on the accuracy of your operation. In this way reports can be generated that drive continuous improvement across your compliance aid process.

Product Specifications

Display & Input
Touchscreen 15 inch

width: 40 cm
depth: 40 cm
height: 67 cm

35 kg

Stainless Steel

Power supply

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