Hub & Spoke

What is Hub & Spoke?

We define Hub & Spoke as the centralisation of dispensing workloads where the spoke receives the prescription and the hub assembles the order.

Hub & Spoke can be applied to two different workloads – compliance aid assembly, repeat dispensing or both.

Hub & Spoke is becoming more common across the UK as groups discover this is a way of reducing the cost of dispensing and taking pressure off the branch network.

Hub & Spoke is a process supported by technology. This is a different model for pharmacy dispensing but we believe that more and more pharmacies will operate in this way in the future.

Our customers have operated this way for a number of years and we are experienced in supporting them with their projects.

Why do Hub & Spoke?

Pharmacy is under pressure from a number of sources including decreasing income, increasing workload and increasing complexity of services. Change in the pharmacy activity at the branch is inevitable and necessary to provide space for new services and increasing workload.

Many groups are moving towards hub & spoke and automation to;

  • Reduce workload at the branch
  • Improving accuracy of the dispensing process
  • To operate a single process for most dispensing
  • To reduce the cost of dispensing
  • To make time for new services
  • To support the growth of pharmacy items

We work with each of the main PMR companies in the UK.

We are the only automation company in the UK with an interface for each main PMR company.

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