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Compliance Aid Automation

Do It With Ease

Want to dramatically cut costs without risking patient safety?

Our solutions can reduce costs for producing compliance aids by 50%.

We can also reduce staff time on the compliance aid process by 80%.

These savings mean that you can attract compliance aid customers, confident that you can deliver to them profitably.

Using automation to produce compliance aids changes a loss making process into a profit centre.

What is a Pouch?

A pouch is a simple and flexible compliance aid solution.

Each small cellophane bag contains medication for a a single admin time. Each pouch is printed with the customer’s medication in clear type on a easy to read white background.

Pouches are popular with your customers as they are discreet and easy to use.

Pouch Pack

A great way to reduce the cost of producing compliance aids

Make a real change to your pharmacy business

Our solutions reduce the manual activity of producing compliance aids by 80%.

That’s work completed in one day which normally takes you five days.

This means reduced cost but also the ability to grow your business, turning MDS into a profit centre rather than a cost centre.

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