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Our Product Range


Our pack dispensing robots are both fast and reliable, available in a comprehensive range of heights and widths. Our pre-packaged robot


PouchPack machines cater to pharmacies of all sizes and budgets from 50 to 400 canisters, with advanced technology supporting

Fair Value Blister (FVB)

Fair Value Blister (FVB) automates MDS blister tray production quickly and accurately. It comes with 80, 192, or 384 canister options and can produce

We offer a range of

Compliance AID

Slash compliance aid FTE checking effort by a staggering 80%! Streamline your processes and save valuable time with our cutting-edge solution.

Automated Solutions

Experience significant improvements in safety and enjoy peace of mind with our automated solution, out performing manual production methods with ease.

Saving Costs

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks, saving costs and preparing your team for increased service work and income.

Our Features

Medication management robotics offer a range of Features, revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals and patients handle medications. Here are some key advantages of using medication management robotics:

Hub & Spoke

Move work effortlessly between your branches and the dispensing hub with our unique system requiring minimal training

Streamlined Pharmacy Software Integration

Integrate effortlessly with your existing pharmacy software for a cohesive and efficient workflow.

Diverse Medication Acceptance

Our platform accepts a wide range of medications, catering to the diverse needs of your pharmacy.

Integrated Inspection and Accuracy Checking

Every dispensing process is accompanied by integrated inspection and checking for unparalleled accuracy and quality control.

Scalable Solutions

From small independent pharmacies to large chains, our platform adapts to your needs for seamless growth.

Comprehensive End-
to-End Solution

Experience a complete solution from medication acceptance to dispensing, ensuring every step of the process is covered.

Onsite Canister Calibration

Ensure accuracy and reliability with onsite calibration of canisters, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Fast and Precise

Experience lightning-fast dispensing without compromising on accuracy, providing your customers with prompt and reliable service.

What our Client Say

Onsite Calibration

The new standard for pouch packaging

Hub Pharmacy

It serves as a central point for various pharmaceutical needs, offering a range of services that extend beyond traditional prescription dispensing.

Small Pharmacy

Small pharmacy is a compact, community focused establishment that provides essential pharmaceutical services to a local Cities

Hospital Pharmacy

A hospital pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare system, responsible for managing and dispensing medications within a hospital.

Specialist Pharmacy

A specialist pharmacy is a pharmacy that focuses on providing medications and services for specific health conditions or patient.

Medication management Sectors

Medication management robotics play a significant role across various sectors in healthcare, streamlining medication handling and enhancing patient safety. In hospitals, these robots automate the dispensing of medications, reducing human error and increasing efficiency in busy pharmacy departments. In long-term care facilities and nursing homes, medication management robotics ensure that patients receive their prescribed medications accurately and on time.

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