Fair Value Blister

What is Fair Value Blister?

Fair Value Blister is an automation solution for completing the activity of producing MDS blister trays.

FVB automates the activity of filling, sealing and with some models labelling a blister tray and does this quickly and accurately.

FVB is available with with either 80, 192, 200, 288, 350 or 384 canisters and can produce more than 40 trays per hour.

FVB is a comprehensive solution to produce MDS blisters and is the most cost effective solution in the UK pharmacy market.

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Why Fair Value Blister?

We think that the UK Pharmacy market needs a reasonably priced solution to fill blister trays. FVB system is about 60% of the price of other systems.

We think that UK Pharmacy needs an automation system that does more of the job than other systems. FVB will fill a blister with all its tablets, seal a blister and label a blister all within the same machine and this is unique to the UK market. 

We think that UK Pharmacy market needs an automation system for blisters that requires less staff to operate it. We operate with 75% of the staff of other systems.  

We think that UK Pharmacy needs to be able to move work around easily to support the dynamic nature of day to day pharmacy. All our systems come with built in Hub & Spoke.

If you think like us then you should come and see the difference for yourself. 


Step by step help

To maximise your investment in technology you need to operate a good process.

The process needs to cover all activities to support the automation of compliance aids including de-blistering, hub and spoke, FMD, pouch assembly and checking.

We have the knowledge to support your automation project to operate the correct process to deliver low cost dispensing at high volumes accurately.

Pharmacy Layout

Getting it right
What you buy is important but how you use it is vital.

Where do you place the machine in your pharmacy?
What goes next to it?
Where do you place de-blistering or checking?

These are all key questions.

To ensure you get the best out of your investment you need the right team to support you. We have more experience of helping customers in this area than anyone else.

Remember you are not just buying a robot you are buying a process to deliver a cost effective solution for your pharmacy.


Being automation ready
De-Blistering is a key activity in support of automating the production of compliance aids.

Having de-blistered medication ready when the PouchPack needs it keeps your operation running and efficient.

Our solutions cover all sizes from very small to very large supporting the centralisation of compliance aid production.

Move forward with pharmacy automation. Book a demonstration today 

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Book a demonstration

We have built a state of the art demonstration facility so that you can see for yourself how you can move forward with pharmacy automation.




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