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Compliance aid automation

Compliance aid dispensing has long been seen as a way to support patient concordance as well as increasing the number secure, repeatable NHS items. There are benefits for both patients and your business and are critical to the viability of some pharmacies. However, you will be acutely aware that the profitability of this type of prescription item is lower than most due to the relative levels of effort required to assemble and check the medicines.

In times of growing patient demand and increasing financial pressure it is not an option for many to stop dispensing this kind of prescription. Compliance aid automation can increase the profit you make from these prescriptions while freeing up time to grow sales in other areas of the business. Here we help you understand what compliance aid automation is, a little about the various solutions and our key tips on how the launch your project.


What is compliance aid automation?

As experts in pharmacy automation, Robotik Technology UK have developed the UK market in compliance aid automation. We have the answers you need. Compliance aid automation is the process of integrating machine led dispensing of medicines into compliance aids as part of your dispensary workflow. The machine will dispense, seal and even complete a preliminary accuracy check of medicines for up to 60 patients per hour.


What sort of machines are they?

There are a wide range of machines to suit your business in terms of scale and specification. We are always happy to talk technical details so get in touch if you are ready but let’s focus on how compliance aid automation will help initially.

Some jobs need the human touch, others you can safely leave to the robots.

You can choose a machine that dispenses traditional compliance aid trays which can be tailored to your specification and will integrate with your existing PMR. This type of machine is called Blisterpack.

Some of the features of Blisterpack:

Dispenses, seals and checks
Tens of patients per hour
Fully automatic (not sem-automatic)
120 trays per batch
Up to 290 cannisters
In stream manual additions
Multiple PMR integrations
A variety of machine sizes

Alternatively you can choose to offer your patients something different from your competitors and select a machine that dispenses medicines into plastic pouches. This type of machine is called Pouchpack.

Some of the features of Pouchpack:

Dispenses and seals
Tens of patients per hour
Continuous dispensing
88 to 500 cannisters
Multiple PMR integrations
Variety of pouch packaging options
A variety of machine sizes


How will they help?

Whether you use a compliance aid automation solution for a single pharmacy or centralise the workload of a group of pharmacies increasing profitability still further there are a wide range of benefits:

Increased speed
Increased safety
Increased accuracy
Increased efficiency
Increased profitability

An increase in speed, accuracy and efficiency means that you and your team will have more time to invest in developing other, more profitable services within your business. As well as increasing profitability in compliance aid dispensing, automation will release the potential to grow the business in other ways too.

You may be able to take a holiday. One of our independent pharmacy clients recently shared his thoughts with us after the installation of a compliance aid dispensing solution. This is what he said. “I don’t know how we managed without it. It’s even meant I could take my first holiday in years!”


Key advice

Not all machines are equal however and at Robotik Technology UK we have sought out a range of options that have significant advantages above our competitors models. Make sure that you understand the differences between various machines and how best to use them.

The smooth introduction of pharmacy automation involves careful planning and the integration of machine and human resources. Our dedicated, UK based team have unparalleled experience with the highest number of UK installations of any company. We can help you prepare and will support you from day one to day done.

Be bold and explore your options. We believe pharmacy automation is an important part of the future of pharmacy in the UK. Thousands of compliance aid machines are already being used on the continent and we are working hard to bring that innovation to our clients and their patients. Make sure that you are at the front of the change not playing catch up.


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