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Robotik Technology are experts in Pharmacy Automation and can help you plan and implement the smooth introduction of automation into your dispensing workflow. Our clients often find that our planning and support services are as important as the specific machine we recommend to the success of their pharmacy automation project.

We work with all sizes of pharmacy companies in the UK, from the large multiples to ambitious independents and everyone inbetween. Our work with hospitals and the prison service adds to our extensive experience with community pharmacy and helps us understand the common challenges that must be overcome to introduce pharmacy automation smoothly and profitably.

We believe that careful and individual planning is key to reaping the benefits of pharmacy automation. We understand that one size does not fit all because every pharmacy is different. The precise way in which you integrate automation into your unique procedures will make all of the difference to your return on investment. Of course you could work it out eventually by trial and error, but our planning and support services help you reach optimum efficiency and profitability as soon as possible.

If you are ready to start planning [get in touch] and we’d be happy to share our process with you. If you are not sure if pharmacy automation is right for you take a look at why we believe it is an important to pharmacy viability in the future.

We work with our clients to develop a bespoke plan for your project covering everything that you’ll need to think about in advance, during installation and on an ongoing basis. We don’t just sell you a machine and drop it in your pharmacy. We help you achieve your business goals through pharmacy automation.

Our dedicated, UK based team have managed more UK installations than any of our competitors and are obsessed with providing the highest level of support possible to our clients.


Here are some of the key things you need to consider when planning for the smooth introduction of automation in your pharmacy.


Set your goals

Determining the goals you want to achieve through pharmacy automation at the start will help you to plan and measure your success. We can help you understand the scale and scope of what you can expect, set realistic goals over sensible timescales and plan a project that will deliver.


Do the Maths

Investing in your business cans seem daunting but with a sound financial projection you’ll be more confident to take the necessary steps. We can help develop your case for investment. Our experience allows us to enhance and challenge your original assumptions. We are both creative and grounded in the reality of pharmacy business and provide practical advice based on evidence. We do not believe in technology implementation as a fashion statement.


Will it Fit?

A formal site survey is vital but your specific pharmacy ergonomics and staff movements are key to longer term success. Ultimately dispensing risk reduction and Health and Safety are underpinning principles. We can help by conducting a site survey covering all of the important considerations and starting to process of developing workflows.


Consensus Building

Automation will mean a change for a lot of people. The change will be good but can be a cause of concern if people aren’t prepared for it. Think about your customers as well as your team. Start by asking yourself some questions: What do your customers think of automation? Is a Tray solution more appropriate than a Pouch ? Will a automated dispensing solution drive retail footfall? Ideally inform customers of your plans and carry out a survey to understand their thoughts and feelings. They will help you make the right decision. Educate and inform your staff in the selection/buying process they will become the architects of change in your business. We can help you prepare to engage with the full range of stakeholders.


Process Mapping

Your pharmacy automation investment will deliver the best return if you develop your standard operating procedures to take full advantage of your new machine. We can help with a full review of your processes to help you integrate stock, assembly, accuracy checking, storage and supply to maximise business efficiency.



The installation of a pharmacy automation solution can be a calm and organised process, When carefully managed, installation will take less time, be more efficient and get you to full operational efficiency as soon as possible. We can help you plan ahead and manage your installation for you.


Training and Support

It is vital that your staff are both competent and confident when dealing with new technology. We can help with training from day one and beyond and tailor our support to your team and their needs. You can be confident that we’ll be there onsite when you need us and that our offsite support will be available to help you become experts with your new machine and processes. We create pharmacy automation experts.


Celebrate Success

When you have successfully integrated your new machine and you, your team and your customers are all benefiting, it’s a time for celebration! We can help you plan a ‘launch’ event helping to raise brand awareness and grow footfall.


Measure The Benefits

When you are up and running it’s time return to your goals and check your progress. We regularly meet with our clients to help them review and provide ongoing advice and support to achieve goals and drive continuous improvement.

There is a lot to consider. At Robotik Technology UK we don’t just sell machines, we help you achieve your business goals through pharmacy automation. We’ll be at your side from day one to day done.


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