An article in the C+D this week talks about the chief pharmaceutical officers views on hub dispensing and how all community pharmacies should be able to benefit from it.

England’s chief pharmaceutical officer says he wants all community pharmacies to be legally allowed to operate a hub-and-spoke model “as soon as possible”

If “implemented well”, these hubs would make dispensing “more efficient and safer” and free up “highly trained staff” to work more closely with patients, Mr Ridge stressed.

“The future is clinical, underpinned by efficient and effective use of technology,” he added.

We feel that moving repeat dispensing and compliance aid production from the branches to a Pharmacy Hub saves money and increases productivity.

This releases time within the pharmacy branches to deliver more essential services and generate further income that could be being missed at the moment.

Implementing automation solutions to repeat dispensing and compliance aid production will increase efficiency and bring greater safety.

As we say “You need to Centralise to Thrive

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