When starting out on their automation journey many of our clients have a sense of the value that integrating automation into their dispensary workflow can realise. A key part of our role in supporting clients at the start of their project is to help them really clarify their goals and how they will maximise profitability through compliance aid automation or adaptable dispensary automation. As the experts in pharmacy automation we work closely with our clients supporting every step of their journey from conception, through planning to implementation and achieving a healthy return on investment.

There are some common questions we are asked, week in week out, about compliance aid automation so here we share some of the answers to give you a head start with your thinking and planning.

Will I achieve greater profitability through compliance aid automation or improved risk reduction?

How will I know which sort of compliance aid my patients will prefer?

If I decide to centralise compliance aid dispensing how will automation help with hub and spoke dispensing?

As advocates for change who see automation as a key to the future of pharmacy we believe strongly that understanding the answers to these and other questions are critical to profitability through compliance aid automation. Get in touch if you want some specific answers for your business or learn more about important how we provide the answers below.


Risk reduction

Risk reduction is a key goal and a real benefit of compliance aid automation. Compared with human assembly, automation reduces the incidence or dispensing errors significantly. When combined with automated checking the incidence of errors is reduced many times again.

Repetitive tasks require focussed concentration by humans to complete and the repetition itself makes it harder to maintain accuracy. Many of us struggle and the longer we carry on the more tired we get and our accuracy reduces further. Contrast that with a machine which doesn’t get tired and maintains the same accuracy indefinitely and there is a clear improvement in risk reduction through compliance aid automation.


Greater profitability through compliance aid auotmation

With increased labour costs, waste and logistics costs compliance aid dispensing itself is less profitable than original pack dispensing which means that for many it is a last resort when growing NHS items market share. This is a real shame because while it is less profitable it is secure and repeatable which is highly attractive.

Compliance aid automation overcomes this problem.

Dispensing and checking a typical compliance aid tray takes between 30 and 40 minutes while which is what reduces the profit on remuneration. An automated solution takes between 2 and 3 minutes, which dramatically increases efficiency and hence profitability. Take into account far fewer corrections due to dispensing errors and the benefits are clear.


Maximising profitability

The benefits don’t stop there though. There are many indirect benefits that manifest following compliance aid automation.

With reduced dispensing time per patient capacity increases and the total number of patients that a pharmacy can care for grows. With the profitability now attractive there is no reason not to grow your compliance aid dispensing. Total profits increase as well as profit margins.

There is often a knock on effect in other areas of the dispensary. With more efficient compliance aid dispensing being managed separately walk in and collection dispensing can be optimised creating more efficiency and capacity.

Time spent by staff dispensing compliance aids previously can now be spent on other more profitable services whether supply based or clinical services.


Releasing the potential

At Robotik Technology UK, our unparalleled experience has taught us that it is not just which automation solution you choose but how you implement that solution that matters. We have learnt that you can have both risk reduction and greater profitability through compliance aid automation but to ensure you deliver both you need to execute well.

We work with our clients from the start of their project and help them develop a plan that will ensure the smooth introduction of pharmacy automation and maximise return on investment. We work with them from day one to day done. We avoid the ‘dash for the cash’ and passionately support our clients to plan, implement and realise the available benefits from our solutions. From space planning, ergonomics, standard operating procedure support, customer communications and ongoing training and support we leave no concern unmet and no barrier in place.


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