You will have a view in your mind already about pharmacy automation costs. In the light of other financial pressures on your business, it may be a view that makes you think that pharmacy automation isn’t right for you. How can you possibly afford that kind of investment right now?

We would encourage you to look at that question from another angle. How can you afford not to invest in pharmacy automation?

Pharmacy automation costs

Many leading pharmacy contractors are beginning to view prescriptions as a source of footfall, upon which they can build advanced, enhanced and private service income. Despite a slow down, prescription figures continue to rise, while unit remuneration continues to fall. To remain viable you’ll need to dispense prescriptions at a lower cost. We believe that pharmacy automation is an important part of achieving that.

All compelling external pressures that point towards an unavoidable change in how you do things in the future. Pushing in the other direction may be your understanding of the reality of pharmacy automation costs. It’s true that pharmacy automation could be the biggest, non-human investment you make in your business during it’s lifetime but it’s important to have a sound understanding of what that means rather than a vague idea before you decide if it is right for you.

You may be surprised at how affordable pharmacy automation is when you analyse the costs over time vs the return on investment. We’ve covered the key benefits of pharmacy automation so we won’t go over those again but bare them in mind. In this article we’ve provided a simple breakdown of the costs you can expect when introducing pharmacy automation into your business.

We work with a wide range of clients from start-ups to multiples, from independents to the public sector so we understand how costs differ by project. If you’d like a personalised assessment we are more than happy to provide one for you. Get in touch or book a visit to our demonstration facility in Daresbury, Warrington. We’ll cover ½ day’s locum fees for you so that you don’t need to count your visit as a cost. You’re welcome.



Every project needs some administration to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Project set up: £0 when you work with Robotik Technology UK



As the pharmacy automation experts we offer a wide range of machines that are tailored to fit you, your business and your needs. We’ve provided a range of costs so that you can get a handle of the scale of things.

Compliance aid robots: £40K to £210K

Adaptable dispensing robots: £100K to £130K

Robotics software: £1.5K to £3K 

We offer a wide range of ways in which to enhance your automation including de-blistering machines and accuracy checking machines to help you build your own automated workflow.

Peripherals: £1K to £30K



As you dispense you’ll be using a range of materials such as cannisters and packaging. It’s important in your financial forecasting to understand these costs. To give you an idea we’ve calculated a couple of key numbers for you.

PouchPack cost per item: £0.01

BlisterPack cost per tray: £0.22



We pride ourselves on providing passionate customer support and helping you beyond installation to reach optimum productivity.

Project management: £0 when you work with Robotik Technology UK

Team training: £0 when you work with Robotik Technology UK

Maintenance: £4.5K to £8.5K



Even though they aren’t part of our services you’ll need to think about some other key aspects of integrating pharmacy automation with your business and how you will manage costs.

Procedural change

Ongoing team training

PMR integration (Your PMR provider may charge for integration)

Pharmacy layout adjustments




You must consider the what ifs. As we know, things often take us by surprise so it is wise to include a contingency when planning the introduction of pharmacy automation. Having installed more automation solutions in the UK than any of our competitors we have a good understanding of many of the what ifs and can protect against many while providing sound advice about preparing for the others.


Return on investment

You are running a business so you won’t think about costs in isolation. They are a means to an end. In this case the end is the return on investment you will realise through the benefits of pharmacy automation. We believe that you can achieve a return on investment at a faster rate than you might expect. Through our own experience with existing clients and based on qualified financial analysis we can support you to achieve a rapid return on investment within 15 to 24 months.

Surprised? Much sooner than you thought. From that point forward you are more productive and more profitable long term.


Financial advice

We are not qualified Financial Advisors but as part of the advice and support we provide we can ensure you ask the right questions of yours. That will put you in control of your investment and help you identify the right levers for maximising your return on investment.

There is much to consider. At Robotik Technology UK we don’t just sell machines, we

help you achieve your business goals through pharmacy automation. We’ll be at your side from day one to day done and beyond. We will help you focus on the value-add services that you gain from your investment in the future.


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