During March 2018 we completed a survey of all of our customers. The following article shows the survey results.

We are publishing all results except where a question might have identified a customer so questions 1 and 12 have been omitted. The data is correct up to 20th March 2018.

In addition we have had these supportive comments.

“we have changed our processes to maximise the value from the robot- and gained growth and efficiency”

“it is hard using your terms to justify whether improvements are significant or reasonable as these terms are not specific enough- we would say our improvements are significant (75% time saving on preparation of MDS)”

“Superb support onsite and remotely not only in an operational capacity but also in improving efficiency and complementary software”

“Enabled us to produce more dossette boxes than by hand alone”

“I found the robot efficient and dramatically cuts down manpower”

“Helped us to continue to offer MDS without incurring the losses- given us a point of difference to our customers”

“Much more efficient and organised. A lot quicker and very easy to use. Easy to pack up. Changing consumables is a simple task and the software is good. Support has been outstanding from everybody.”




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