C+DA recent article on the C+D website encourages CCG’s to create systems so that patients are directed to use Pharmacies rather than surgeries for certain Minor Ailments.

The article quotes Chaand Nagpaul Chair of the BMA GP Committee stating;

Simply directing patients to pharmacists will not work “in its own right”, Dr Nagpaul stressed. “There needs to be a thought-through and systematic approach for a range of conditions so patients don’t need to contact the practice at all,” he told C+D at NHS England’s Health and Care conference in Manchester yesterday (September 3).

We believe that Pharmacies long term prosperity is in growing the number and type of services offered. To achieve this Pharmacy needs to automate existing workloads to make time and space to take on new services. To support these new services we have solutions like Eureka Care that helps the Pharmacy capture and store customer’s vital health measurements.

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