£13.52 is a key number.

It’s not the cost of the NEW album from Paul McCartney or the latest admin charge to update your car insurance. We calculate £13.52 to be the average cost of producing monthly compliance aids for a single individual. This covers all labour and consumables to fill and check the 4 blisters before bagging them.

Another key number is £14.71.

If we use £14.71 as the income per month per customer then this is a profit level of £1.19 per month per patient, all that hard work and headaches for just over a £1 per month.

When we talk to pharmacies about MDS they instinctively know this and we call it the “obligated but not committed” response. You have to do MDS but there is no joy in it.

What if this could be turned upside down?

What if instead of about £1 profit per average patient is was about £7. That would mean that for every 500 patients you would generate £42,000 profit every year.

Is this possible?

The above graph is a comparison of costs between manual MDS and automated MDS. The green bar includes all costs for automation including the equipment.

As you can see if you automate you will halve the costs of producing MDS.

Is MDS unprofitable? It certainly is if it is done manually.

Once you see that MDS can be profitable then you can stop turning business away and grow your numbers. Most of our customers have growing income from increasing the number of MDS produced, this is only possible when you have a solid automation solution supporting you.

To know more about how to make these savings see our PouchPack page and watch the video.

If you want to know more about us then why not ask our customers or see the results of our customer survey.


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