Every business owner that hopes their business will remain viable in the future needs to scan the horizon for changes that might affect the products they offer and the way they operate. Change can come from a wide range of sources and can be chosen or forced. Staying abreast of changes in the pharmacy industry is part of why Robotik Technology UK are the pharmacy automation experts. Amidst the plethora of forced changes pressing on pharmacy contractors at present, we believe that adaptable dispensary automation offers a way to take back some control and invest in your future.

We work alongside our clients over the long term and support them, not just to install a dispensing robot, but to help them find a bespoke dispensary automation solution that meets their specific needs and helps them to stay ahead of the viability curve while their competitors continue to struggle. We believe that pharmacy automation is not an ‘if’ question but a ‘when’ question. Pharmacy contractors that stand still and don’t respond to changes in their environment will continue to struggle and may fail to stay afloat.

We have now seen the practical implications of downward pressures on pharmacy remuneration with the largest multiples beginning to take action to consolidate their estates and remain viable. For many, the type of actions open to a large multiples are not possible and creative thinking is required to evaluate the benefits the options they do have.

Robotik Technology UK are the UK experts. We are not distracted by the happenings within other markets and can concentrate on providing the best, most specific advice for our UK clients. If our clients are successful then we are successful so we take our responsibility to provide the best advice we can for your business alongside our adaptable dispensary automation solutions. When the time is right for you, your team and your customers to embrace dispensary automation we are ready to help you plan for the smooth introduction of your new solution.


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Dispensary automation – An investment for the future


Dispensary automation can help you prepare for the future 

It is clear that pharmacy services and the remuneration attached to them is changing at an unprecedented rate. How pharmacies operate in a decade is likely to be very different to the way they operate today. We believe that dispensary automation will be an important part of all but the smallest pharmacy operations within a very short time period. Be part of the vanguard.

Dispensary automation can enhance pharmacy workflow and efficiency

The right technology can deliver enhanced workflows and greater efficiency for you and your team making your life easier and freeing up time to be spent on more complex, profitable activity.

Dispensary automation cannot replace you or your team

Nothing beats the face-to-face, personal connection your independent community pharmacy already has to offer. Although the addition of dispensary automation can improve efficiency and productivity, a machine can never replace you or your team. They can however do some of the repetitive work better than you, which means you can concentrate on work that requires a human touch.

Dispensary automation can place you at the cutting edge

When you take the step towards pharmacy automation your business will become known for its innovation both locally and within the pharmacy industry.

Dispensary automation can help increase your business’s profits

You can expect a return on your investment within 2 to 3 years after which your profitability will be significantly enhanced. If you combine dispensary automation with an active service expansion strategy you can grow your profits sooner.



Know thyself – How do you view new technology?

Adapting to change of which new technology is a big part is vital to the future success of your independent community pharmacy. At the same time it can be very challenging and require vision, courage and commitment. It will help to know how you view new technology.

The “innovators or adopters” welcome new technology wholeheartedly, believing that dispensary automation is an important way to confront many challenges in pharmacy today.

The “cautious” know that new technology can assist with problems and operate their business more efficiently, but they are not sure where to start.

The “avoiders” wait to consider and invest in new technology. They may be apprehensive because of the cost; or fear it may be disruptive to their practices; or may view the technology as too confusing even to begin implementation.

It can be difficult to implement new changes and we understand that. We will help you whether you are an innovator, cautious or need some extra support to make the changes that leverage your future investment in dispensary automation.


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