More for lessPS15_SpeakerBannerAt the Pharmacy Show 2015 we delivered a presentation on Hub and Spoke and specifically compliance aid Hub & Spoke. As we explain the UK Pharmacy market is continuing to do more for less year on year and this is set to continue into the future. One option is to improve compliance aid production through Hub & Spoke and automation and this is easier than you think and delivers terrific results.

The presentation was built and delivered in conjunction with Dr. Richard Brown of BRR Consulting. The full presentation can be found here.

H&S Benefits

Our argument is that the UK Pharmacy market has been doing more for less for a number of years and this trend is set to continue. Compliance aid production in branch is complex, repetitive, time consuming and inefficient and these problems are repeated across all of your branches. A comprehensive approach to centralise and automate this activity through Hub & Spoke will deliver staff hours savings which could be banked or the team re-directed to generate new income from services.

These activities are being done successfully in a small way across the UK at this time proving that its possible and that others could take advantage of these benefits.

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