C+DThe C+D has reported that the MHRA is working on adding days of the week to each blister pack. This will make it simpler for an individual to remember to take their critical medication forming a reminder and also creating a reference that they have taken it today.

This initiative has be welcomed by the Alzhiemers Society

George McNamara, head of policy at charity Alzheimer’s Society, stressed that medication packaging “can be confusing” for people with dementia and simple modifications can have “huge implications” for their independence and safety.

The full article can be read here

At MMS we completely agree with the arguments here but stress that any individual is likely to be on more than one medication so its important days of the week should be on all medications. How the new blister system copes when a medication should be taken twice a day is not clear from the comments and also what day of the week the blister starts on would drive the pharmacy workload.

Our PouchPack system which is used across the UK already packages medication in a way that simplifies medication management for the service user. It has days of the week and times of the day on it making it simple to remember to take your medication.

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