The demands on a pharmacist’s or pharmacy owner’s time are growing by the day and the list of tasks, requirements and obligations shows no sign of reducing in size. Adaptable dispensary automation provides a way to achieve more in the same time. We call it adaptable because it adapts to the available space, the ways in which you like to work and the type of prescriptions you use it to assemble. Dispensary automation refers to the ability of our solutions to handle the vast majority of your core dispensing activity and free up time for other key tasks.

When we pause to consider the wide range of activity a community pharmacist might be involved with on a daily basis it can be quite overwhelming:

  • Clinical scrutiny of prescriptions
  • Oversight of safe dispensing processes
  • Providing patients with advice about medicines and treatments
  • Provsion of public health information to patients and customers and promotion of wellness
  • Signposting people to other services, self-care organisations or information resources
  • Assessment and treatment for minor ailments
  • Professional oversight of the sales of OTC medicines
  • Liaison with other healthcare professionals
  • Clinical review services for specific patient groups in GP practices, for example asthma, diabetes, hypertension
  • Medicines management support for practices, for example supporting practice formulary and clinical guidance implementation, repeat prescription management
  • Locally commissioned and enhanced services such as supply of prescription-only medicines (POMs) and patient group directions (PGDs), screening services, public health interventions and treatments
  • Involvement with local NHS liaison groups, service development working groups and pharmacy organisations, for example the LPC.

The above list is by no means exhaustive and both organisational and local activity add to the multi-faceted role of a pharmacist. It is little wonder that there seems precious little time to focus on the pharmacy business itself and how to find time to grow highly profitable new clinical services which are key to long-term sustainability.

Our UK based team at Robotik Technology UK work closely with our clients to identify and support the implementation of ways to do just that – liberate time to focus on business growth through adaptable dispensary automation.

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We believe that pharmacy automation is a key step in the future of pharmacy. There are a wide range of reasons why we believe this. By investing in your future with adaptable dispensary automation you can let the machines take care of the tasks that don’t require a human touch – storage, order picking, stock management, assembly and so on.


How else does adaptable dispensary automation help?

It is not possible to dispute that automation saves time. The evidence has been gathered and continues to build demonstrating real time savings every single day. There are some lesser know benefits that it’s important to understand and add real value to your business:

Human skills: Better use and scheduling of unique and complex personnel skills.

Space saving: Automation allows increased retail space and has a higher capacity than traditional storage systems. It is adaptable to all types of premises – ground floor, upstairs, basement etc.

Stock management: Efficient storage, reliable stock status, assured traceability, reduction of breakages and out of date wastage.

Traceability and safety: A fully auditable supply chain providing reliable data to trace and monitor supplies.

Return on investment: The return on investment is on average 2 – 3 years and is reliably predictable (fully equipped).

Time saving: Reduction of displacement and elimination of queues: savings of 2 to 3 hours per day per person.


Solutions tailored for the UK

Robotik Technology UK are proud to work with our partner of choice Mekapharm to deliver adaptable dispensary automation solutions. We have spent years identifying the right solutions for our clients and the company that we believe delivers that solution most effectively. Community pharmacy in the UK is not the same as it is in Europe and while there are many similarities we believe we have found the solution that best fits the requirements of automation in the UK.

  • Our solutions bring you the fastest machines on the market due to their ability to blend chaos and channel systems. This unique technology provides some key advantages that you cannot access through any other supplier.
  • Speed delivering increased productivity and faster return on investment.
  • Convenience through automated stock management and traceability.
  • Space saving from compact bespoke machines and delocalisation.
  • Universality with the ability to handle all types of packaging.

Our partners believe in the same passionate levels of customer service that we do. They constantly innovate to bring you new and enhanced technology, they focus on ease of use and reliability and they guarantee the quality of both their product and service.


Want to know more?

Investing in adaptable pharmacy automation is a big step but it is an important one to help you realise benefits that can support your business and lead to long term growth. At Robotik Technology UK we don’t just sell machines, we help you achieve your business goals through pharmacy automation. We’ll be at your side from day one to day done and beyond. We will help you focus on the value-add services your customers want. We are the pharmacy automation experts and would relish the opportunity to answer your questions.


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